Unfortunately, we have to hereby cancel the International Game Inventors Fair which normally takes place at the end of February in Haar, a suburb of Munich. Due to the persistent Corona Pandemic with growing infection numbers and travel restrictions, we decided to do so already now. Given the radically changed conditions and the concern for health of all the involved people, we cannot guarantee the same quality as in previous years.

We discussed to postpone the event to summer 2021. But since the pandemic situation even in summer is still unclear and since there are many other game events at the same point in time, we decided to cancel completely.

We hope that we can organise the next International Game Inventors Fair in spring 2022! In the meantime, we will improve the concept of the fair. Thanks for your contributions to the survey of the International Game Inventors Fair! The winner has already been determined and got a specific mail.



  • Which games can I present?
    The game inventors fair is tailored for authors of any kind of board games. These games are publishd for example by Ravensburger, Schmidt or Amigo.
  • How many games can I present? Is it okay, if I just present 1 game?
    Every author can present as many games as he wants. There is no limit - only the space on the table does have a natural limit. 
  • How does the check-in work?
    When you register with your name at the check-in counter, you get a name tag with either a red or a blue dot or both of them. A blue dot represents children games, a blue dot family games. In this way, the publishers can easily recognize, whether your games are of any interest for them. 
  • How do I find my table?
    You can use any free table. There are no good or bad spots. At the check-in counter, you'll learn, where to find whole resp. half tables. 
  • How do I recognize the publishers?
    Many of them have a name tag with the logo and the name of the company or even branded shirts or bags. 
  • Unexpectedly, I cannot make it and would like to decline last minute. How do I do that?
    Please, send us a message via the contact form on the web page so that we can give your spot to somebody else. 
  • Is it possible to come as a visitor?
    Yes, visitors are welcome. Many authors are indeed very happy about additional conversations or the possiblitiy to test their games. 
  • Is it possible to bring an accompanying person?
    Sure, no problem. Though we recommend to book a full table, since there is not enough space otherwise. 
  • Are there any hotels near to Haar?
    Here is a list of Hotels.